Medikumppani builds better work communities in healthcare by putting the right people in the right place and supporting them in their work. Recruitment of health care professionals, skilled doctors and nurses for the private and public sectors, interesting jobs and coaching for doctors, dentists, and nurses – get in touch!

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We offer all our clients skilled, motivated, emotionally intelligent health care professionals suitable for each given work community. We look for just the right employee for you, either as a purchased service or through direct recruitment, part-time or full-time.

All our employees have the opportunity to participate in emotional intelligence and communications coaching. The coaching helps them to better identify their own strengths and thrive in their work. In this way, our employees always have something positive to offer when they become part of our clients’ work communities.

Client and employee satisfaction is important to us. We collect feedback during and at the end of the employment. We develop our processes based on the feedback we receive. We
belong to the global Empresaria Group.

Deep understanding of our clients, keen discernment of human nature, a thorough recruitment process and a caring attitude are at the heart of our expertise. This is the recipe with which we persevere in building better work communities in health care, one recruitment at a time.

Medikumppani: sourcing expertise & expert in sourcing

Client benefits

Excellent service: fast, flexible, and reliable

Perfect match: recruitment of the most appropriate employees for each unique work community

Top employees: emotionally intelligent health care professionals

What types of employees are you looking for?

  • Doctors, specialists, dentists
  • Bachelors of medicine or dentistry
  • Psychologists
  • Nurses, bioanalysts, practical nurses
  • Part-time, full-time, fixed-term or permanent
  • As a purchased service or direct recruitment

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Future Hospital Nordic 2021


We took part of the Future Hospital Nordic 2021 virtual event, talking about Global Healthcare Workforce Wellbeing.

Interviewed by Peter Nyman and Ella Kanninen, Medikumppani’s CEO Teija Koskinen and Suhail Mirza talked about the importance of enhancing workforce wellbeing in healthcare and how to attract and retain talent in the field. How can tech help and what are traditional vs modern methods for wellbeing? Find out on the video.


Medikumppani offers interesting jobs for health care professionals: doctors, specialists, dentists, nurses, practical nurses, and psychologists. At Medikumppani, the employee is always at the heart of what we do. We want to find the right job and work community to meet your preferences. Tell us what kind of job you are looking for, and we will do the job searching for you!

Employee benefits


Coaching allowance and comprehensive occupational health care

Reliable, fast, and personalized service

Our values

Individual & community

Actions & development

Sincerity & kindness

The individual & the community

We understand that every person, job post and work community is unique. We encourage everyone to be their self, because the well-being of the individual is in everyone’s best interest. Our relationship with doctors, nurses and clients is a matter of honour for us. We believe in working together, nurturing all our partnerships, and building fruitful communities and networks.

Actions & development

We invest in being active. We engage fully in what we do and do our job properly, with professional pride. We are flexible as needed. We are proactive, we start conversations, we take a stand, and we lead by example. We really want to help organisations and doctors succeed and the health care sector make progress. We are open to new things, we see more opportunities than threats, and we focus on solutions rather than problems. We are advocates for education and development, and we treat mistakes as learning opportunities.

Sincerity & kindness

We are tenacious optimists, acting responsibly, sincerely and with benevolence. We believe letting the good go round and conscientiously act accordingly, because when a doctor is happy at work, the work community feels good and patients are likely to receive better care. We always treat people with respect and equality. We are open and honest, and we are not afraid to talk about difficult things.

Everyone enjoys their job better when they get to do their job well

Doctors, nurses, and other health care experts are some of the most essential occupational groups for the well-being of society; they really have the well-being of each of us on their shoulders. But have you ever wondered who takes care of their well-being, not to mention satisfaction?

There is a constant shortage of resources and rushing around in the health care sector. As the population ages, demand increases and as medicine advances, it is ever more important to continually update one’s skills. All of this makes the work of health care professionals increasingly challenging. The work environment adds a pinch of its own kind of spice to the level of contentment – sometimes it makes work a little sweeter, sometimes too hot. Circumstances directly affect our satisfaction and well-being. This, in turn, correlates with how well we do our work. You know, the better circumstances you have to do your job, the better results you will produce, right?

People who feel good create a healthy work community

Each of us is a human being of our own kind. Some are social; others are introverts. Some people are at their best under pressure, while some need peace and quiet. The same work community can be a dream for one and a nightmare for another. Therefore, it is not advisable to hire just any orthopaedist for an open orthopaedist position. Instead, it is wiser to look for a person for the village orthopaedist position who best fits that particular position. One that further strengthens the work community and whose aspirations the position meets. Maybe Susanne or perhaps Mathew.

And that’s exactly what we at Medikumppani are really good at. We put the right professionals in the right places and support them in their important work. And we do it all with professional pride and joy. Our work helps work communities in the health care sector become more rewarding for everyone. That’s how patients get better care, and we all feel better.

Interacting with patients: coaching for health care professionals

We provide coaching on how to interact with patients. It focuses on the participants’ expectations and interaction arising in their everyday work. It also focuses on verbal and physical communication and provides participants with tools to interact with patients.
The coaching includes:

  • How to gain patients’ trust in a short period of time
  • How to interact with patients remotely or by telephone
  • How to communicate in challenging patient situations – can such situations be avoided through one’s own actions?

Above all, the coaching provides tools to develop empathy: how to practice it, how to develop emotional intelligence and how it contributes to the well-being of both the professional and the patient. In addition to skills in clinical work, health care professionals need emotional skills, which are just as important.